Racing Seat PS3™

The racing game seat simulators are big enjoyment creators. Mainly the OpenWheeler driving seat. You can possess the OpenWheeler at home and experience an unsurpassed realism in contrast with the sofa, bed, bureau or any normal chair or table.

Racing Seat

Racing Seat Ps3

The OpenWheeler home racing cockpit simulator delivers a lot more than it vouches for - supreme entertainment while playing any race driver game suited for PlayStation (PS2 and PS3), Xbox & Wii video game consoles. The OpenWheeler video game driving simulator seat is not expensive. To have it, you have to donate just $400 (four hundred US dollars) (USA, Canada) or £270 GBP (UK, Europe).

Racing Seat PS3
OpenWheeler GT Racing Simulator
Open Wheeler F1™ Game Cockpit
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Is OpenWheeler easy to move about?

The 2 multidirectional wheels at the front of our racing chair simulator render it very light and easy to move around your home.

OpenWheeler - navigate an actual racing car in your... living-room

Racing Game Simulator Review You'll find out that OpenWheeler is a catch-all word for purpose constructed racing cars with the wheels positioned outside the car's principal body. This is different, in fact, from vehicles...